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Q:The voltage in our country is 110V. Can the machine be used?

A:It can be used. Our current machine has a direct 110v voltage version (no transformer required) and can be directly plugged into the 110 power supply in North America;

Q:Are there any conditions required to launch a cotton candy machine in the United States?

A: First of all, we need to distinguish between different places for delivery. Different places have different requirements.

①If you put the machine in your personal store, you do not need to apply for any certificate;

② Shopping malls and amusement parks need to apply for the following documents:

⑴food licenxe (food license)

⑵local business registration (business registration)

⑶Machine insurance

⑷NAMA (certification), required by some states (mainly California)

Q:I don’t understand international logistics, can you deliver the machine to my door?

A:If it is placed in public places such as shopping malls and amusement parks, it is recommended to choose the fully automatic model 320/330, because this type is fully automatic and the machine can automatically start up and operate when placed in the mall. make money

If it is placed at the front desk of a personal store, it is recommended to choose the semi-automatic 221 model. This machine is smaller in size, more convenient to move, and there is someone at the front desk to assist in operating the machine.

Q:How to choose a suitable cotton candy machine?

A:Warmly welcome, we will show you our production line and our facility.

Q:Can I design the appearance of the machine myself?

A:Yes, we can provide you with customized machine appearance stickers. We can design your company's logo or other elements on the stickers, and then we will put the designed stickers on the machine for you.

Q:We don’t have WeChat in our country. Can I swipe my card?

A:The machine can support credit card payment (SA credit card and electronic payment such as Paypal) as well as banknotes and coins from various countries.

Q:How much does a marshmallow cost?

A:Based on feedback from customers who have already launched

①The price of marshmallows in the United States is generally 4-10 US dollars a piece.

②European countries generally charge 3-8 euros per piece

③In Japan, the price is generally 500-800 yen per piece (25-30 yuan in RMB discount)

④In China, the price is generally 15-35 yuan per piece.

Q:How to perform daily maintenance of the machine?

A:Normally, maintenance is performed 2-3 times a week, but it depends on the amount of sugar you make. We generally use 150-200 marshmallows for cleaning once as a standard.

Q:I'm in the Western Hemisphere. Is there anyone on duty remotely?

A:Yes, we have a professional 24-hour after-sales service team.

Q:What should I do if the machine breaks down?

A:We will create your own after-sales service group for you. If there is a problem with the machine, you can contact the engineer in the group and the engineer will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

And we are equipped with video tutorials to deal with various problems. If necessary, our engineers can also solve problems for you via video.

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