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Marshmallow Intelligent Robot: A technological revolution in sweet business

Jan 29, 2024 1

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Hello everyone, today we want to share with you an example of the perfect combination of technology and food-the marshmallow intelligent robot. In this era of rapid technological advancement, a marshmallow intelligent robot has become the new favorite in the food industry, bringing traditional hand-made production into the new era of intelligent technology.

The marshmallow intelligent robot uses advanced Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence algorithms to upgrade the traditional marshmallow making process. Customers select their favorite marshmallow flavor by clicking on the screen, and the intelligent robot will make personalized marshmallows in a few minutes.

about Us

Shenze Intelligence adheres to the concept of inheriting traditional Chinese food technology and was established in 2015. It specializes in the research and development and production of smart retail robots, intelligent Internet of Things applications, and multi-axis commercial robot integrated applications. It has an excellent R&D team to provide customers with Providing professional customized equipment and overall automation solutions, the star product is the intelligent marshmallow robot.

The impact of Marshmallow intelligent robots on the industry


Intelligent robots have high production efficiency and can meet the needs of a large number of consumers. Setting up smart robot stalls in large shopping malls, scenic spots, playgrounds and other places can quickly attract a large number of customers and increase brand awareness.


Since the operation of the intelligent robot is simple and easy to learn, merchants can quickly master how to use it. This lowers the industry threshold and gives more people the opportunity to join the industry.


The emergence of intelligent robots has stimulated the spirit of innovation in the industry. Merchants continue to explore new business models and technology applications, promoting the rapid development of the entire industry.

Advantages and services of Shenze Marshmallow Robot

1. Original steam humidification to achieve intelligent temperature control

2. Original low-power version

3. Original "ending thread" function

4. Can meet global voltage needs

5. Has 42 kinds of full and beautiful flower styles

6. Customized personalized stickers

7. During the warranty period, free material fees and free global shipping

8.7*24 hours after-sales service

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