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Brilliant Annual | New Kapa Main Theater and Play Equipment Exhibition IAAPA World Manager!

Dec 27, 2023 1

2023 New Canada Main Game Park and Play Program Exhibition IAAPA Annual

Exhibition Successful Falling Banner

Short and short three days, Shen Ze exhibition rank, thousands of people visit Jia Hing

Borrowed rescheduling machine

A conversation with a friend on the spot

Thank you, I will accompany you all the way!


2023 IAAPA EXPO ASIA will be located in New Canada, Hong Kong, Jinsha, and Hong Kong. Three days of the Expo (June 14th-June 16th), IAAPA Asia Expo was a success, successfully completed the IAAPA World Expo, a long-term milestone in the expansion of the world's scenic spots and the leisure industry. Since the first complete accounting and exhibition, the exhibition has been attended by 80 countries and regions, totaling 31,400 industry figures, including 2,100 industrial buyers.

Exhibition of Shenze Intelligent All-Automatic Cotton Machine Synthesis MG-330Pro and Adjustment Wisdom Zero Solution Solution Plan. Next, the main product will be completed, and we will attract a lot of criticism from domestic and foreign customers, and we will fully understand how to read the songs for many customers at home and abroad. We are responsible for supplying goods to domestic and foreign customers.