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SUNZEE Intelligence | The 15th GTI Guangzhou Amusement Equipment International Industry Exhibition

Dec 27, 2023 1

SUNZEE Intelligent, the inventor and creator of the marshmallow robot, has exported to 80+ countries and has a cumulative placement of 10,000+;

[Pazhou Exhibition Hall Area A] The 15th Guangzhou Amusement Equipment Industry Exhibition

Come to Guangzhou and experience the sugar-making skills of robots and experience the joy of food brought by technology!


The 15th GTI is a hot scene

World's first

A leader in the smart retail industry with 8 years of independent research and development to impress customers with high quality and service;

We have a group of outstanding automation talents, most of whom are from the automation major of South China University of Technology. After 8 years of independent research and development, we have become the first and largest automatic marshmallow machine production company in China. At present, our star products have been exported to 90+ countries, settled in more than 70 cities in China, and provided professional services to 10,000+ customers. The series of products have more than 70 invention and practical patents, and have obtained ISO19001 certification, NAMA certification, CQC certification, CB certification, CE certification, FDA certification, KC certification, CSA certification, ROHS certification, UKCA certification, FCC/IC certification, etc. More than 20 Chinese and international certifications.


Shenze Intelligent Fully Automatic Marshmallow Robot

Through the unremitting efforts of our R&D team, the 2023 new marshmallow machine cool MG330, the mini version 221 and the popcorn machine have been launched one after another and will be exhibited at this GTI; by then, Shenze Intelligence sincerely invites you to participate in the exhibition and experience the whole process in person Automatic cotton candy machine and popcorn machine, witness the birth of our new products!

Activity time

September 11th - September 13th

Event Location

Guangzhou Pazhou China Import and Export Fair Area A

(No. 390, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou)

Booth number: 3T32

Surrounding transportation: Pazhou Exit B and D of Metro Line 8, Xingangdong Exit A

Surrounding buses: International Convention and Exhibition Center Station, Route 304, University Town Line 3