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Commercial Cotton Candy Floss Machines Robot Arm Sugar Making Trade Fully Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine

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This Commercial Cotton Candy Floss Machines Robot Arm Sugar Making Trade Fully Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine is an automatic vending machine that do not only makes delicious cotton candy but also adds a little of today's technology having its sugar supplying robot.


This easy-to-use machine lets you make cotton candy with just a push of a key. The robot effectively grabs the sugar and spins it in to a delicious and fluffy cotton candy. The revolutionary design makes it well suited for busy commercial areas such as concert halls, fairs, carnivals or in your own personal celebration.


With this, entertaining will be easier. Your friends and relatives will probably be surprised with the device’s efficient and professional way. You can personalize various colors or tastes to your cotton candy to make an enjoyable and unique experience tp the visitors.


The unit is comprised of top-quality materials that ensure durability and a very long lifespan. The components are easy to clean, making this a low upkeep that will surely help you save hard work.


Created using the latest technology, this is a top-notch vending machine that sticks out among the list of competitors. This completely automatic device is user-friendly and guarantees constant and delicious cotton candy every time.


One of the best features of this product is that you can view the cotton candy being manufactured in real-time so like watching a screen. The interactive touch is really a great addition to the general experience.


The SUNZEE brand is known for delivering top-notch and revolutionary products that reflects their dedication to quality. This machine isn't any exclusion. It is an amazing item that will really delight your friends and relatives and put in an enjoyable and exciting touch to virtually any occasion.

This device is an exclusive product. Please contact EX & NOMADE, the Korea exclusive distributor, for purchases in Korea (Tel. +82 2 2237 7778).
We'd like to inform that you are legally liable if you import the device into Korea without going through EX & NOMADE.

Guangzhou Sunzee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative automation company integrating R&D, sales and service. Atpresent, the main product is the fully automatic cotton candy machine pioneered by Sunzee Intelligent in the world.Adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, enterprising, intellectual creation and sharing", the company takes customer needs as the premise, and strives to provide customers with the most satisfactory products, provide employees with a broad development platform, and provide supply chain partners with deeper cooperation space.


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